We believe talents are responsible to tell the stories that help create a connection among human being. Our job is to help them moving forward professionally so that they can do their job, which we deem necessary, today more than ever.”

Our Boutique Agency is the result of a collaboration between Media Vision Artists and the Mob Studios in Rome. We work with Talents that are interested in working professionally nationwide and abroad.
We believe that the relationship between the Actor and the Agent lies on a ground of deep sound sense of trust. The Agent knows the Actor’s personality and work thoroughly to be able to foresee what characters the talent is more fit for, beyond a superficial typecasting.
We strive to cast starting from the core personality of our Talents rather than just their physical appearance.

About Us

Roberto Almagià established himself as an agent in the early 2000’s collaborating with The Gersh, Paradigm and Endeavor Agency and the Agency for the Performing Arts, in the United States. His agency, Media Vision Artists got its standardized American structure from the experience he gathered in the USA, bringing something very unique in its kind in Europe.
In Los Angeles Roberto Almagià forged strong ties with the International Creative Management (ICM) and the United Talent Agency (UTA).
In Europe he collaborates with French Agencies Adequat, Artmedia and Time Art, Spanish Kuranda and Das Imperium in Germany.
Media Vision Artists management also provides consultancy in the following: packaging and financing for motion pictures and TV series, literary rights and facilitating co-productions.
Media Vision Artists represents Actors on an international level (USA, Europe, Australia).
Media Vision Artists has branches in Italy as well as in the United States. Its head office is in London, UK.
Main goal of MVA is to shorten the gap in the international circulation of Talent especially in the era of rising joint productions among different countries.
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Mob studios is born in Rome in 2017. We realize Artistic Productions in the music and acting field. We provide a space for imagination where to bring to realization creative ideas in a collaborative environment. We provide training for Actors and Musicians within our structure, through our school. We then take care of their initiation to the professional world through our Boutique Agency.

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