Ludus Group

About Us

Ludus Group is the brainchild of four very distinct professional figures in the world of showbusiness, each of whom have worked at all levels of the industry. The Group's skillset includes but is not limited to: Film Production at the international level, Script Doctoring, Content Creation for Television including new formats and the like, Organization of International events, Broadcast Television Production, Scriptwriting, Directing and Fantasy/YA Fantasy Writing. Their ultimate goal is to produce new and innovative material, with a clearly defined brand, whilst basing each of their works on actual fact and being able to adapt them for every conceivable media outlet not limiting themselves to video. All of this is possible thanks to a meticulous study of facts and their sources, their own wide basin of direct and unique international contacts, and their own creative expertise for commercial development. The remarkable difference of their respective professional origins coupled with their different ages and cultural/social backgrounds gives the four members of Ludus Group a unique strength, allowing them to fully explore and exhaust any topic or idea and develop it in a cohesive and productive environment. Nothing is beyond the reach of this union of four "nerds", each one of them moved by an overwhelming passion for storytelling. The combined professional experience of these four artists at the highest levels of the entertainment industry grants them a singular and extraordinary ability to tell original, captivating stories with a strong moral and ethical message to accompany them.

Francesco Braida
Sante Sabbatini
Dario Di Gennaro
David Abatecola

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